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We take pride in our team which is made of  only  the  most  talented  and experienced construction  professionals  in the industry.



Gjoka Konstruksion jsc  was created in 1994 by Rrok Gjoka. He remains the sole owner and administrator of the company. At that time, the  company’s   headquarters were  located in  the  city  of  Puka,  northern  Albania. Gjoka Konstruksion jsc started with small but challenging projects. Especially challenging because of the transitional political state of the country.  Over the years,  the small but determined  company, gained hands-on experience by taking on various infrastructure projects in the civilian and industrial sectors. All the while, adding valuable staff and the latest tools and machinery.

In 1998 the company relocated its headquarters to Tirana. The constant growth and success brought on even bigger and extensive projects. Among the first was the completion of Unaza e Re, in 2000.  Today,  Gjoka Konstruksion jsc is proud to have completed a wide variety  of projects. From reconstruction of roads and highways   to bridges and water supply. Regar- dless of the project and its demands,  we remain committed to delivering  the best. From the owner, Rrok Gjoka, to our project managers and tradesmen,  we work together  to look after each critical detail. As a result, we turn visions into reality.



For nearly 20 years, Gjoka Konstruksion jsc  has been setting the standard for construction across Albania.  Today, we are among the top construction companies in the country. We have been excelling in exceptional design, honest value and quality construction.
Gjoka Konstruksion jsc has built a wide array of complex, heavy/civil and transportation projects. We’ve build roads, highways, bridges, water infrastructure and residential buldings. While these projects vary in scope, our hands on approach remains the cornerstone of our success. We believe a strong infrastructure is the foundation of our community and our country. Being a better builder means taking care of our community.


Gjoka Konstruksion jsc has achieved success in a wide variety of markets by applying what we know best: hands -on knowledge to every project; keeping our skills sharp and our knowledge  base ever- evolving.  The main goal for every project entrusted to us is to deliver a finished project that exceeds expectations.We oversee the entire process. We provide turn- key  projects from the design, architectural plans and city permits through to the complete project and final inspection from required government agencies. This ensures the project will be built to the highest standards of quality, delivered on time and budget.



To be successful in Albanian market and in the future in international market, the company GJOKA Konstruksion  jsc, works and invest to move according to international standards.
GJOKA Konstruksion jsc is certified to the ISO 9001 : 2008 standard.