This is the official website of the Gjoka Konstruction Company jsc.

Initially, let me thank you for your trust in our projects.

Our journey started 25 years ago – exactly in 1994. Today we rank among one of the three largest construction companies in Albania. We remain focused on long-term goals, aiming to continue to work hard with professionalism.

At the core of our company is commitment and big focus to implement every project according to the best international standards and practices on health, safety and the environment. We are in a continuous process of improvement, investing in increasing managerial and technical capacity of employees, also reducing costs through the use of new technologies.

Skills and technical expertise gained during these 25 years of experience make us ambitious to target new markets in Europe.

Gjoka Konstruksion jsc has an excellent cooperation with all Albanian institutions, inside and outside partners in Albania and clients which all have played a very important role in timely and maximum realization of our projects.

We remain committed to go beyond our customers’ expectations by mobilizing actions and applying our expertise to implement every project with high quality and within the deadlines.




Our vison is to be the leading construction company recognized for its work method, technology and human resources competences.

Hard work and dedication this are Gjoka Konstruksion’s philosophy which has remained unchanged for over two decades. We aim to achieve our vision by maintaining a high level of professional competence and innovative technology, while sharing mutual trust and respect with our subcontractors, partners and customers.


Excellence: We constantly innovate and utilize advanced technologies.
Teamwork: We insist on mutual respect, cooperation and encouragement to achieve each individual’s potential.
Integrity: We act with honesty and fairness.
Commitment: We are fully dedicated to implement our projects in excellence.
Sustainability: We are committed in the health and safety of our employees, society and the environment.


Gjoka Konstruksion jsc was established in 1994 in the city of Puka, Albania by Mr. Rrok Gjoka. The company is registered and specialized for the civil engineering and infrastructure projects. From the beginning we started with the small projects but with the constant and successful growth we continued our activities with bigger and extensive projects.

Starting from 1998, when the head office moved in Tirana, the company established their construction site in Kodër Kamëz. Since then, the company has completed various projects including construction of roads, construction of water supply systems, construction of apartment and services buildings, participation in airport constructions, etc.

During 2002-2018, Gjoka Konstruksion jsc has undergone a rapid increase in terms construction capacities. The company has enlarged the work force and their technological and transportation means inventory by which we have managed to carry out an enviable amount of transport during the execution of many projects.

The main goal for every project entrusted to us is to deliver a finished project that exceeds expectations. We oversee the entire process. We provide turn-key projects from the design, architectural plans and city permits through to the complete project and final inspection from required government agencies. Company is over 25 years in the construction business and currently has over 450 employees.

Today’s construction is more challenging than before. This is why we exclusively focus on the delivery of solutions that will bring our customers’ project a step forward in terms of performance, productivity and safety.


Gjoka Konstruksion jsc follows the adoption of international standards.
Quality Management System certification represents a formal confirmation of high performance and proves our commitment to continuous improvement.