The purple smoke that exploded at Tunnel T5 close to the city of Klos marked the start of works on Arbri Road. From today Arbri Road turns to be the largest public construction site in Albania.

This long-awaited investment is not only a historic road but is a strategic and comprehensive national road that will bring the entire region of Dibra closer to the other arteries of the country said Miss. Olta Xhaçka, head of Socialist Party for the region of Dibra.

Also, Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Mr. Damian Gjiknuri emphasized that Arbri
Road is the largest infrastructure project that will be realized for the first time by an Albanian Company.

The opening ceremony was also greeted by Mr. Rrok Gjoka, President of Gjoka Konstruksion who thanked the Albanian Government for believing in him, BKT for financing the project and all the locals for their support and collaboration.
“The project is difficult and the responsibility is high, but we will do our best. We hope that we will finish this project within 3 years”, said Mr. Gjoka.
Mr. Gjoka brought to the attention of the participants the double volume of the work and reduced cost of the current project compared with the project presented by other competitors. Also, the project has been absolutely improved going from the lower standard of C3 to the higher standard C2.

Prime Minister Edi Rama at the inauguration ceremony emphasized that from today Dibra will be full of life and development.