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Hydropower of Okshtun


Work on the first station started in March 2014 and has ended on June 2015 with an installed power of 11,000 kW. Main quantities of executed works are as it follows:

8.3 km

Headrace RC channel (2.6×2.6×0.25)m

47,800 m3


223 ton

S.I. Steel pipe ф1500mm


Steel pipe (ф1500) for the siphon, 1950m of penstock (ф1500)

35,277 m3


412,300 m3

Earth work excavation

1820 ton

Steel Reinforcement

Work on the second station has started on June 2015 and is expected to finish on June 2017.
This station is designed based on a Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Dam as per following main data:

H=60 m

Dam Height

Bb=60 m

Width of Dam on the Bottom

V=180,000 m3

RCC quantity

Bt=6 m

Width of Dam on the Top

L=210 m

Length of Dam on the top

7 km

In addition of steel pipes Ø 2000mm.

Work on the third station has started on August 2015 and is expected to finish on March 2017
By the design this station has 10 km concrete channel for the water deviation, and 2 km of steel pipes Ø 1700 mm. Main quantities until today are:

175,200 m3

Earth excavation

21,600 m3


34,000 m3


1,010 ton

Steel Reinforcement

412,300 m3

Earth work excavation

573 ton

S.I. Steel pipe ф1700mm


Zall River of Okshtunit is located in eastern Albania. It starts in the district of Librazd and ends at district Bulqize, having a length of 28 km. (It origins form Librazhd district and and ends at district Bulqize,with length of 28 km)
The Zall River waters are tributaries of the Drina River. There are going to be built 10 hydropower plants on the river. The average annual energy production will be about 159,209,338 Keh.


August 2014


50% Gjoka & 50% Perxhola

Total installed power:

33,280 kW

Consulting engineer:

E.B.S Sh.p.k